Mission statement:

AARP was founded ln 1958 as a national organization representing the interest of people who are at least 50 years of age. The local chapter allows members the opportunity for individual growth, service to self, to fellow members, and to the Community at large. This vision is captured by the AARP motto, “To Serve, Not to Be Served.”

What is an AARP Chapter?

An AARP chapter is a group of 20 or more national AARP members who formally Organize through the Association. Chapters are non-government, nonpartisan,Nonprofit community service organizations open to all local AARP members.

AARP Chapters promote independence, dignity and accomplishment for older Americans at the community level. Chapter members look at important needs and Opportunities in their local areas and find ways to help. The Association provides Resources to strengthen chapter activities.

Each AARP chapter is a vital communications link between local members and AARP National headquarters in Washington, DC. Chapter Exemplifies AARP motto: “To Serve, Not to Be Served.” Through service activities, chapter members personify AARP in the local community.

Call us today! You can reach Chapter 2195 at: (661) 947-3619 for membership information.
You are welcome to stop by for our chapter meeting on the 3ed. Thursday of the month at 1:00 pm at;

Legacy Commons

930 East Avenue Q-9

Palmdale, CA. 93550

(661) 267-5904